Ferienwohnung Haubental in Fulda

Vacation Apartment "Haubental"
Fam. Renate Happ
Brüsseler Straße 3 · 36039 Fulda
Tel +49-(0)661-9528404
Fax +49-(0)661-9528415

Email: fewo-haubental_fam.happ@gmx.de

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Historical Oldtown, ancient cathedral and Michael Church, castle, palace garden, theater, quaint pubs, Wasserkuppe (highest montain in Hesse, soaring, engine powered flights, hang-gliding), Kreuzberg (famous german Kreuzberg beer brewed in its own brewery), Milseburg (great bicycle trails), Point Alpha on the former east german border (museum, border facilities, Information Center), Sternenpark Rhoen und much more.

Leisure activities and facilities

Swimming, hiking, skiing, sledding and cross-country skiing in the Rhön or Vogelsberg mountains, Fitness/Gym, miniature golf, great hiking trails and bicycle trails, canoeing on river Fulda, hot air balloon ride and much more. Enjoy the tranquility in our vacation rental apartment. Reach the oldtown Fulda by bus within a few minutes and discover the small ancient streets with its typical german-style quaint buildings. Experience the culinary cuisine in rustic pubs or enjoy one of the many events/performances such as theater and concerts of internationally known artists.

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